Midwest Nothing

by Like Bats

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released May 13, 2012



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Like Bats Lansing, Illinois

I got nothin'.

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Track Name: Sad Stories About Sad People With Pathetic Dreams
4 am Lansing, IL. It's hard to fall asleep when you're not by my side. Laying on this piss stained couch. It's hard to get comfortable with this knife in my back.

This is all I know. Aimless nights and targeted frustrations. Why can't they just leave her alone?

4 am Chicago, IL. It's hard to fall asleep when you're never by my side. Laying on this beer stained couch. It's hard to get comfortable with this lump in my throat.

This is all I know. Aimless nights and targeted frustrations. Why can't I just leave you alone?

All I want is to see you in my dreams. All I want is you.
Track Name: Empty Sky; Grey Tomorrow
Cold sweat sinking in; I’m trembling. My chest falls to the floor. A life cut short by an aching pain to get away. You were my friend. I got the scars to prove it.

And every day I wish I just told you to stay. Now it’s cold outside.

We burn like a match. You can pray for light but it ain’t coming back.

Anchor yourself and drown with the ones you love the most. But be careful not to breathe too deep this town you’ll never leave. The sky is empty. Save for the smoke.

Staring contests with dark corners in my room; let my imagination run wild like a child dreaming up nightmares that live underneath your bed and skin. It brings a warped sense of comfort.

My biggest fear is that there’s nothing to fear at all. It’s just dark inside.

Where have you gone to? Where have you been? These April showers brought nothing but pain. Tears for a friend get washed with the rain.
Track Name: My Favorite Kind of Cigarette
The smell of rain brought me home to a time when I still knew you. We sat on front steps, autumn wind in our face. We drank to break the ice and kissed for the taste.

I don’t think I could ever love you more.

We sat on your bed in the dark and you bit my lip. I just wanted your hand. You’re my favorite kind of cigarette. I need you in my lungs, but you just want me dead.

I don’t think I could ever love you more.

And what am I? Some shitty song you used to hum? No kiss goodbye, you’re just moving on. And what are you? You’re my everything. What am I without you?
Track Name: Dry Heave
I’m just burning ash, smoking my last as I sink into your couch. Whiskey dreams of you sinking next to me. We can crash and burn together. Fucked up and in love forever. Go up to your room, listen to records, and talk about whatever.

I know you’re tired of me because you don’t laugh at my jokes anymore. I know that I’m ugly and in your way.

I’m twitching at the mere thought of you. Blush red turns baby blue. I’m drooling like a pathetic little fuck. Locked up, drunk in my room. I’m staring at my ceiling. Synchronizing my breathing with the sighing of your name and praying that you’re doing the same.

Go home. Go to bed. Just go home and go to bed. Lay down. Lay down your head. Just lay down and just play dead.

I guess this ain’t the worst that could happen. I guess I’m still here. I guess that means the worst will still happen because I’m still here. But I don’t give a fuck where I’m going to, just as long as I’m slowly fading there with you.
Track Name: Stray Dog
It’s hanging over me like a fucking raincloud showering me with despondency. At night when I can’t sleep I’m just fearing death, loathing life, and dreading something I can’t even see. It’s coming after me.

Look at me, I’m boring. Starving eyes are open wide, all glazed up and aching for you. Another line, it’s morning. The sun comes up and brings me down. Another day that I won’t see your face.

Then I wake up fully fucking clothed. 3 pm wake-up call from a head ache. My life feels over before I got old. You’re an angel, you can’t compare. I’m a stray dog, please bring me home.
Track Name: This Haunted Life
There’s just some things that need to be said over six strings because it gets so dark in here sometimes. I lose myself.

Then you turn on the light. I found my foot inside my mouth, my heart on the floor, and my head up in the clouds.

Sleeping alone. Nights that will never know you. Dreaming in prose. Lines that I don’t owe you. Three little words you’re never gonna hear again.

Feels like I’m always just waiting for things to come together. Waiting to fall apart. Waiting for someone to take the pain away. Someone to break my heart.

Soak in daylight through half-open eyes. The banality calms. If you would lie to me, I’d love you for all time. But you just ain’t that fucking sweet.

So I glide through the air like smoke without a sound and I’ll kiss your hair the next time you’re in town. The bite of the smell will make you wish you never quit but you traded my taste for his.
Track Name: Little Cuts
I don't wanna be loved. Don't wanna kiss. Don't wanna fuck. Twenty. No hope. Just pushing my luck. Staring at my shoes. These hoosier blues don't get me down as much as they used to.

Because I'm much happier walking down suburban streets than Chicago concrete when all I want is to be left alone.

I got these little cuts all over my hands from nights spent picking up broken glass and catching myself right before I eat shit.

And you're much happier watching me on the ground writhing around. But like a pig in shit, I feel at home.

I said that I missed you. You rolled your eyes and shook your head. I don't blame you. But won't someone save me from my friends that all hate me? They're not wrong.

I close my eyes and try to see through the black. No rest for a mind that can't get over the past. You said you loved me, well you lied. But that's okay, I lie all the time. I guess I don't have the right to complain. I'm just happier this way.
Track Name: Double or Nothing
It’s like a dream, like a nightmare, like a fairy fucking tale. The way I always try to forget you but I always seem to fail.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. Don’t let her take control of you. But I never listen to myself.

Double or nothing, I swear that I’ll be different this time. I swear on my mother’s eyes. I’ll leave my baggage at the door except the bags under my eyes. Those stay with me.

I’d kill to remember just so I could learn from my mistakes. But it’s all a blur now, so I guess that I’ll be fucking up for good now.

I don’t know why I even try anymore. Must be my obsession with making myself so miserable.

I wonder if you ever wonder what I’m doing. I wonder if you care. I wonder if you ever wonder how I’m feeling. I wonder if you’ll ever love me again.

Probably not.
Track Name: The Last Catholic in America
Back in high school, we both ran out of luck. I dropped out and you gave up on ever trying to feel anything. And I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this before, but you look perfect in this light. The pale grim night brings out your eyes. I hope you know.

Had a dream of paradise found. You fell from grace but hit the ground soft and sweet. You showed those fuckers you don’t need what they’re selling.

And I don’t know if I’ve ever told you this before, but you look gorgeous in this light. The fire and flames bring out your eyes.

Those track marks on your arm, they don’t mean a thing. You’re still as beautiful to me as when you were seventeen.

Just a midwest nothing from a small suburban town. You walk old streets for your first love’s face but they never come around. And it’s nothing new.

We’ve both grown used to the world not looking us in the eye and when we die they won’t miss us and we won’t miss them.

They might call this giving up. I think we’ve only just begun to see what’s real.